Download the VidHealth App

Experience the highest-quality video sessions with the desktop Mac app.

VidHealth AppBETA

Download for Mac OS

Looking for the Windows app?

Note: Carefully follow the instructions below to install the app correctly.

Download Instructions

1. Download the Installer

Click the download button above to download the VidHealth Mac Installer.

If a dialog similar to the one below pops up, choose "Save."

2. Open the Installer & Drag The VidHealth Icon

Drag the VidHealth icon into the Applications folder in the window.

3. Open The Applications Folder

Double click the Applications folder to open it.

4. Right Click the VidHealth App

In the applications list, scroll down to find the VidHealth app. Right click on "VidHealth" and select "Open".

5. Click "Open" in the dialog

Because our app is still in beta, you need to click "Open" to approve running it on your system.

5. Finished

If you see the Login screen (shown below), you've successfully downloaded and installed the VidHealth mac app.