About Us

We have an unusual story. We are not your traditional tech start-up. We are a small business based in Austin, TX.

Our parent company is a physician staffing firm which has a proprietary, in-house Telehealth platform it previously only used internally when staffing psychiatric prescribers in rural parts of the US via Telehealth. At the outset of COVID-19, as a company we decided to offer this tool for free to any provider who wanted to use it. We thought this might be a nice thing to do and potentially appreciated by as much as a handful of people. We honestly expected a resounding indifference, quite frankly.

This was a definitely not the case. We were inundated by providers who needed a simple and secure tool through which to conduct patient care. In order to accommodate such an overwhelming demand, we built out the platform present on the site now. It now serves thousands of providers across thousands of hours of patient care per day.

We feel very grateful to have this opportunity to serve you.

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